Sustainable South Bronx (SSBx) is an environmental justice non-profit organization based in the South Bronx, New York. They work to create change in under-served neighborhoods through environmental education, job training and the greening of public space. Environmental justice means that residents of low income neighborhoods deserve a share of environmental benefits, such as healthy outdoor spaces, and should not shoulder disproportionate environmental burdens, such as air pollution. This, statistically, is not the case in America today. SSBx empowers local individuals and the community at large through a green-collar job training program, environmental education and community greening programs. 

One of our projects for SSBx was to support their 2010 Living With the Trees block party, an annual event that celebrates and informs residents about the years greening accomplishments, provides opportunities for environmental education and gets people involved in outdoor activities and environmental projects. We designed the visual identity for their 2010 block party, including the event logo, invitations and t-shirts. Since this design was meant to engage the community, especially children, we opted for something fresh, colorful and enthusiastic. Keeping in line with both TYTHEdesign and SSBx's values we opted for lighter amounts of ink to cut both environmental and printing costs.  

We also designed the organizations brochure, which is targeted at stakeholders and needed to communicate SSBx's achievements and mission as clearly and effectively as possible to support their work. We employed the same design language that we used to promote the block party, but here our design was heavier on text and therefore more straightforward about communicating the accomplishments and value of SSBx's work. We designed the brochure to be printed on 8.5 by 11 paper both to avoid paper waste from bleed trimming, and so that the organization could print it themselves on a standard printer as needed. 

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